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Bathroom Design: Layouts, Fittings, Fixtures, and Colors

Bathroom Design

So, what is it that makes these master bathrooms so beautiful to look at? There are no custom designed fixtures or over-the-top finishes that will cost you an arm and a leg. However: it is the way in which all the elements in these bathrooms work so perfectly together. They compliment one another and are in perfect balance in scale, placement, and design, creating these tranquil and restful rooms. Design Note: If your bathroom has access to the outdoors, visually opening it up with huge picture windows or with direct access to the outdoors, adds to both the aesthetics as well as the bathing experience. And, of course, you could take that one step further - if you have adjoining space in your garden - by extending the bathroom to add an outdoor shower!

Optimal Bathroom Layouts

Granted, having a lot of space to play with makes the layout easier, although there is a danger of ending up with a vast (boring) central space if fixtures are all arranged around the walls. Placing the bath in the center of the room is inspirational. Not only does it create symmetry and a strong focal point, it also cleverly divides this en-suite bathroom into his and hers areas. Enclosed behind frosted glass doors are the shower, toilet, and bidet, further ensuring total privacy when a couple is using the bathroom at the same time. Adjoining the bathroom is a beautifully appointed dressing room.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

The choice of materials such as marble, granite, and wood is rich and sumptuous but uncluttered and streamlined in design - perfect for contemporary master bathroom designs. Huge unframed mirrors add to the simplicity and style.

Using Color in Your Bathroom Design

Keeping to a neutral and simple color scheme will always create a timeless elegance in any bathroom. It also makes for a restful and spa-like ambiance and a sense of tranquility. Where there are large areas of color - such as the floor tiles - a design solution was found with the inset of either contrasting or harmoniously colored tile insert to break up space and create visual interest. If the bathroom flows from the bedroom, it is good design practice to ensure the colors are coordinated or matched rather than going off on a totally different tangent for the bathroom decor.

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