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Vibrantly Vintage: Notably In Style for 2018

Marketing, fashion trends and home design trends are all about creating a feeling that people want to experience and ultimately purchase. So, how do we make 2018 so radically different from 2017? We simply go back to the 1950s. For the younger generations who haven’t experienced this yet, the trend will be “new” and “radical” possibly with a vintage sentiment that might be handed down from generations or perhaps for those a little older with personal childhood fondness. In this year’s most important design trends we start with: 1. Colors – Bright, vibrant colors. Again, these colors are going to play upon the popularity of 1950s-1960s era which we’ve taken and put a contemporary twist on in 2018; updated a vintage feeling yet given it a “fresh and clean” spin at the same time. Why colors? Because, colors make us feel. We feel happy; young and alive. Coming out of 1920s-1940s modern and square era (for us that played right into the 2010s) ecstatically into the 1950s-1960s of “mid-century modern” era where color, curves and warmth where all coming in a big way which was an amazing contrast to the squared, cold and neutral modern era. Our 2018; the twist will include some forward thinkers who are also mixing in our contemporary version of the 1960s into the 1970s1980s with “Hypercolor” as well. But, focusing on the more mainstream we will be seeing a lot of blue this year. Specifically: navy and gold. 2. Gold – Brushed gold, rose gold. We will be living in metallic this year with a lot of golds mixed in. Brushed and Polished, for those who didn’t buy houses in the 1990s in all their polished brass glory (think younger generations) and for those who are more adventurous we will also be seeing lighter satins and most importantly rose gold. Now, that doesn’t mean that chrome and brushed nickel will disappear completely– but in the near future you will be finding that chrome will not be the go-to finish. If you guessed that it would be Baby boomers who will still be ordering these finishes, you’d be absolutely correct. Baby boomers are also putting in very modern (not contemporary) spaces…in spite of current trend recommendations. 3. Curves – Smooth lines. Going right along with our 1960’s themed design era we will be seeing a return of curves. At first it was subtle (square furniture legs that end in a rounded foot), but we will start experiencing larger, more graceful arches and turns in not only furniture, but also fixtures, appliances, woodworking – you name it. If we can put a curve on it – we will. Curves go right along with our theme because of the subtle emotion behind what smooth lines mean to us: natural and comforting. Which also leads us to warmth. 4. Warmth – Wood tones. Welcome to wood tones and the warmth that they bring! As we draw away from our gray and neutral past and into bright and beautiful 2018, we want to embody the “happy and alive” trend which includes materials sourced from nature. With this trend we notice a lot of natural wood finishes on cabinetry and also incorporated into other unique ways as well – think fixtures and tubs. While this is not a new movement – it is certainly coming in a big way with the focus on being authentic as opposed to manufactured. 5. Botanical – Natural. Hand in hand with the wood tone / warmth progression we will experience more of botanicals and nature based items in our designs. Whether that means actual plants incorporated aesthetically into spaces or using materials that emulate botanical features it will be a must-have feature in 2018. Instead of plants and nature being an after-thought or an “outside” thing, homeowners are going to want to pick fresh herbs out of the kitchen or step out of their shower into a botanical theme as if they are in an outdoor spa. Instead of planning an outdoor kitchen and then adding some potted plants, the overal