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Shaving In The Shower - Benefits


Which is best? The Sink shave or the Shower shave? A lot of experts have weighed in on this topic and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

The folks at recently weighed in on this debate:
Shower Before Shaving - First things first, get the hot water running. Pores need to be wide open for close, clean shaves that minimize skin irritation, and there is no better way to loosen things up than jumping into the shower. The steam causes pores to relax and skin to soften, allowing the blade to move seamlessly across your face. Invest in a fog-less shower mirror for the all-inclusive experience or take the task sink-side for some after-shower action. Bear in mind to never splash cold water on your face because it causes pores to close up and makes shaving more difficult. Now let’s move on!

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At ClearMirror, we believe that you get the best results shaving in the shower, due to the steam and heat generated. Our mirrors allow you to shave and perform facials or personal grooming in the warmth and comfort of your own shower.
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