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The fog on a mirror is the condensation of water vapor as it touches a colder surface. That's okay if you are trying to make ice cubes, but hey brother, we want to shave. Fog - bad!

In 1998 we thought, hmm, what if we heated the mirror, not with a hairdryer but from behind with a thin heater. That's what we did. The mirror is heated by hot dry air, and then the condensation says, "I'm moving on" and lands haplessly somewhere else. The dew point of the mirror is higher than the heated water droplets. Thousands of units later, we've been making men and women from around the world more beautiful and helping them get out of the bathroom faster.


Homeowners, hotels, and spas around the country have installed ClearMirror for a luxurious, clear, fog-free reflection in their showers and vanities. Shana Johnson, the general manager at the Regency Lodge Hotel in Omaha, Neb., said hotel guests have swooned over the ClearMirror experience since the hotel installed Original ClearMirrors in all 146 rooms as part of a multi-million-dollar remodel.  
“The guests love the fact that no matter how steamy the bathroom is, they can see into the mirror as soon as they get out of the shower,” Johnson said. “I get the most compliments when there are four people in a guest room and they don’t have to wait for the bathroom to defog between showers. Guests frequently tell me they want to purchase one.”
After this many years, we've heard it all, and we have designed every custom application you could imagine. I guess that's why we are often simply referred to as the "Clear Mirror Guys", works for us...
- We'd like to hear your story, The ClearMirror Guys

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