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Our ClearMirror Story

The fog on a mirror is the condensation of water vapor as it touches a colder surface. This is why running a hot shower leads to bathroom fog and makes it a challenge to shave in a misty bathroom. In 1998, we developed and patented the ClearMirror, our solution to this problem. Our mirrors are heated from behind with a thin heater, to adjust the dew point and keep the mirror heated with hot, dry air, while you are shaving or personal grooming in your bathroom or shower.

Homeowners, hotels, and spas around the country have installed ClearMirror for a luxurious, clear, fog-free reflection in their showers and vanities.

Shana Johnson, the general manager at the Regency Lodge Hotel in Omaha, Neb., said hotel guests have swooned over the ClearMirror experience since the hotel installed Original ClearMirrors in all 146 rooms as part of a multi-million-dollar remodel.

“The guests love the fact that no matter how steamy the bathroom is, they can see into the mirror as soon as they get out of the shower,” Johnson said.
“I get the most compliments when there are four people in a guest room and they don’t have to wait for the bathroom to defog between showers.
Guests frequently tell me they want to purchase one.”

We have listened to our customers, and have designed numerous custom applications tailored to your specific design needs. Our newest mirror, Clarity, offers our unique and reliable fog-free shower experience, in a wall-mountable design with battery operation and easy set up.

Visit our website or call us today for additional information about our products.

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