The ShowerLite ClearMirror
Turn your shower into a showcase


ShowerLite is an exciting new addition to the ClearMirror family. ShowerLite is a lighted, heated fog-free mirror that features two thin LED light pads allowing the mirror to install flush with the tile similar the Shower ClearMirror procedure. ShowerLite features an ultra-thin light source that allows the mirror to install flush with the tile similar to the Shower ClearMirror procedure. With two soft glowing light strips accenting the high-quality mirror, the design options are unlimited. ShowerLite will surely garner attention from friends and family for its function and style.

Convenient   Easy to operate   Easy installation
Man shaving in a fog-free mirror.   A simple flip of a switch heats up the lighted mirror for the ultimate shaving experience.   Installation of the ClearMirror fog-free mirrors is fast and easy.
Bring clarity, convenience and luxury to the bathroom experience.   With a simple flip of a switch, the mirror begins heating.   Installs flush with the tile surround and is
powered by a low-voltage transformer.

Energy efficient
ShowerLite uses very little electricity.   ShowerLite is safe and approved by UL.   Fog-free mirror technology will offer years of worry-free service.
The daily equivalent of operating a light bulb.   Low surface temperature won’t burn skin or damage mirrors. UL and C-UL listed.   Mirrors and heaters are tested under extreme conditions and backed with a 5-year warranty.

2 Standard sizes


No need to apply chemicals to keep your shower mirror fog free.
No need to apply chemicals or coatings every week.

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