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What is a mirror defogger?
A ClearMirror defogger is an ultra-thin electric heating pad that is easy to install. The pad adheres to the back of a mirror to prevent condensation (fog) from forming allowing you to see clearly. ClearMirror is the permanent solution to foggy mirrors.  

Why would I need a mirror defogger?
The benefits of bathroom mirror defoggers are numerous. ClearMirror products allow you to:
• See clearly in a warm and foggy bathroom or shower.
• Keep mirrors clean and streak-free by not wiping with a towel.
• Keep warm air in the bathroom.
• Speed up your morning routine by not waiting for the mirror to become clear.

What are the different types of mirror defoggers?
We make three kinds of mirror defoggers: The Original ClearMirror is a heating pad that is applied to the back side of the vanity mirror. The Shower ClearMirror is a fully assembled mirror and heating pad that can be installed flush with a tile or stone shower surround -- great for shaving in the shower. The Shower ClearMirror is also available as a pad only for custom projects. The ShowerLite is a lighted, heated fog-free mirror. Similar to the Shower ClearMirror it installs flush with the tile.

Why an electric mirror defogger?
Electric mirror defoggers are the only permanent option to foggy mirrors. Original ClearMirror is a 120-volt pad that connects to your overhead vanity light. When the light is on, the pad gently warms the mirror, preventing it from fogging. The Shower ClearMirror and the ShowerLite use a 24-volt heating pad. All options are UL approved, safe and dependable.

Is ClearMirror safe?
Yes. All ClearMirror products are UL and C-UL approved and listed. The Shower ClearMirror and the ShowerLite are low-voltage and completely sealed to ensure safe operation. All electrical work must be completed to national and local electrical codes.

How do I clean my ClearMirror?
Use normal glass and mirror cleaners on the surface of your ClearMirror. Do not use any substances which are combustible, toxic, wax or oil-based because these could emit harmful fumes or discolor the mirror surface when heated. Never allow ammonia-based products or silicone adhesives to contact the mirror backing. This will cause the silvering to turn black and will void your warranty.

Can I install ClearMirror on an exterior wall?
Yes, but only if the wall is properly insulated and the ambient room temperature remains above 70°F.

Can I remove the heating pad after I apply it to my mirror?
No. The pad is applied with a very strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. You will damage the heating pad if it is removed from the mirror.

Will ClearMirror work on my mirror?
Our research and testing has shown that a majority of new-construction mirrors are silvered with a high-quality coating that resists medium to high temperatures over a long period of time. Mirrors thicker than 3/16" usually have a quality silvering which avoids damage.  If there is any doubt, please check with the mirror manufacturer.

Is ClearMirror available in custom sizes?
Yes. Beyond our standard sizes, we provide estimates for custom projects. Please call for pricing on a custom quote. 

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